May 2016

I recently graduated with my M.S. in Marine Science from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. I was a student in Dr. Michael Piehler’s lab at UNC’s Institute of Marine Sciences, located in Morehead City, where I’m currently working as a temporary research technician.  My graduate research focused on the development of nitrogen removal following coastal restoration.  I’m broadly interested in ways that science can inform wetlands restoration, particularly in marine environments.  Wetlands are often deeply connected to human communities and values, making them particularly engaging environments to study.  I also enjoy participating in science outreach activities and writing for UNdertheC blog.

Before arriving at UNC, I worked for an environmental consulting firm, designed stormwater education materials for the Rutgers University Cooperative Extension, and monitored coastal restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area as an AmeriCorps intern.  I graduated from Colgate University in 2010 with a B.A. in Environmental Biology.  As a senior, I conducted my honors research with Dr. Eddie Watkins, studying desiccation tolerance in fern gametophytes and sporophytes.  I’m originally from New Jersey, and although I love North Carolina, I do miss good bagels!

Please explore this site to learn more about my research and science writing!

Email address: onorevol AT live DOT unc DOT edu